Here are some recent testimonials:

I had a thyroidectomy and central compartment dissection performed by Dr. Joshi and I feel so fortunate to have been referred to him. I was having a rough time dealing with the diagnosis and Dr. Joshi immediately made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the initial visit. I was told that he is very experienced in the use of ultrasound and thank God for that! I came in with a diagnosis of cancer involving the upper part of my thyroid gland and was recommended to have a total thyroidectomy. Dr. Joshi spent a lot of time looking at my tumor with the ultrasound in the office and found two very small areas of tumor spread to the lymph nodes which everyone had missed!!! I had the surgery then and all the cancer was removed including the lymph node spread.

Dr. Joshi is one of the most thoughtful, well-trained, and kind doctors I have ever met, and I will recommend him to everyone I know.


I recently had a salivary gland stone removed by Dr. Joshi and I highly recommend him for this procedure. I was referred to Dr. Joshi by another ENT doctor who had tried and failed to remove the stone. At my first appointment, Dr. Joshi did an ultrasound to confirm the presence and determine the size and location of the stone. We then scheduled a second appointment for its removal. Although, Dr. Joshi had originally intended on first attempting to remove the stone endoscopically, he quickly realized that my duct was too small to accommodate the endoscope and decided to remove the stone surgically.

I was entirely confident in Dr. Joshi’s abilities throughout the process. He worked carefully and thoroughly to ensure that the stone was removed and that a larger opening for the gland was properly constructed. I couldn’t feel a thing during the procedure and the recovery has been quick and easy. I was able to talk and eat immediately after. Additionally, Dr. Joshi is incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. I’ll definitely be recommending him to friends in need of an ENT doctor.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in August of 2010. I was having a severely hard time coping with the threat of the side-effects. My fiancé represented Dr. Joshi and his wife in a recent real estate transaction and remembered that he was a surgeon of some kind. My fiancé called Dr. Joshi for a reference of someone to talk to for my situation. It turned out that Dr. Joshi was a surgeon specializing in Otolaryngology and well versed in cases of thyroid cancer.

He first spoke with my fiancé and gave him enough information to share with me to initially calm me down. I then setup an appointment to discuss my condition and treatment options with Dr. Joshi. He was and continues to be knowledgeable, patient, understanding, thorough, friendly, calming and comforting.

I ended up having to have my thyroid removed. Dr. Joshi performed the surgery. I felt completely confident and comfortable going into the surgery. He gave me a complete thyroidectomy and removed 14 lymph nodes. He was careful and meticulous in the removal. He was sure to get rid of all areas where the cancer could have spread. Even with his thorough removal, the scar is remarkably small and it continues to fade.

Post-surgery, Dr. Joshi continues with his excellent care. He is accessible, responsive and genuine. I cannot say enough about Dr. Arjun Joshi! I trust him infinitely and recommend him to anyone with Otolaryngology needs.

As a bonus his medical staff is also very pleasant to work with. In today’s medical world, the reception staff is generally intolerant and intimidating. Dr. Joshi’s staff is always friendly and welcoming.